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    User (Interactor) unable to access specific workbooks

    Kaushik Shankar

      Site Administrator here on Tableau Online. I've got a user classified as "Interactor", giving her access to a project with 14 workbooks. There are 6 data sources for these workbooks, and she is unable to access three of them (all of which are associated with one of the data sources).


      As I was able to narrow down that the three workbooks are associated with one data source, I checked the permissions for all the workbooks vs the others, as well as the data source permissions as well. I also refreshed the data source. If all permissions match (including with ones she is able to access), what are other possible reasons for this error message? Attached screenshot. Just making sure I've covered all bases here before I escalate this to Tableau. Thanks!


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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Kaushik!


          Do other people see that error or just her? If only she sees that error, I would suggest validating her permissions for the datasource. If multiple people have that same error, it looks like the Tableau Server instance cannot access the datasource. Were this not Tableau Online, I would suggest checking the Run As User account permissions, but that is not a valid solution with Tableau Online. Did you open a case about this issue?



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            Kaushik Shankar

            Hey Nathan,


            Thanks for the reply! She is not the only user, I checked other interactor accounts and they couldn't access that specific one either. I checked the datasource permissions and they were the same as all of the other ones that she is able to access. My alternative at that point was to delete the data source and workbooks from Tableau Online entirely and republish both from Desktop. This didn't work either (and she's still able to access all other workbooks in that folder).


            I have opened a case about this and am awaiting reply.