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    grouping months

    Genki Ito

      I have changed months into two-month periods like Jan-Feb, Feb-March, March-April....etc.

      I can insert new periods just fine if they are mutually exclusive(Jan-Feb, March-Apr...) but I can't seem to find a way to use the other groups (Feb-March, Apr-May...)

      Please advise.


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          Sujay Paranjpe

          HI Genki,


          You cannot add the same dimension value in 2 different groups. Please elaborate how did you manage to get Jan-Feb, Feb-March, March-April

          Are you duplicating the month dimension to deal with this?


          Alternatively you can create calculated fields to achieve your objective. See example below (I have used sample super store as an example.





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            D Barnetson

            Hi Genki,


            Here is a work around using Sujay's suggestion along with the pivot function of Tableau.


            From the looks of it, you are using 3 different values that you would like to show under each group of months.


            What I have done to make this work was to, first; pivot the 3 values that I planned on representing under each group of months by clicking on the drop down arrow of the Profit column, then selected 'Pivot':

            (in my case, I used Sales, Profit and Quantity) *Note - These columns are NOT calculated fields. Calculated fields can NOT be pivoted, so you may be required to add the required columns to your data prior to pivoting.



            This created 2 new columns; 'Pivot Field Names' & 'Pivoted Field Values':



            Now, this is where Sujay's suggestion came into play. By using his formula for each month grouping (i.e.; Jan-Feb, Feb-Mar, etc...) I created a pill for each group: (in my example, I stopped at Apr-May, but you get the idea )



            For the final outcome, see the image below:



            In the example above, I left 'Show Header' checked on the 'Pivot filed names' pill to show the 3 measures that were used, but you can just uncheck 'Show Header' to get more of what you're looking for.


            I've also attached a packaged workbook for you to review.


            Hope this helps.


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              Sujay Paranjpe

              Excellent Don. Easy stuff !

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                Genki Ito

                Don, Sujay


                Thank you so much for your help!!!

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                  Sujay Paranjpe

                  You are welcome Genki.

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