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    Return multiple dimensions from a Calculated Field

    Rakesh Malpani



      I'd like to create a report where I can allow users to group by different dimensions. I currently implemented a version following the details provided at: Changing Views Using Parameters | Tableau Software (This example allows users to choose one Dimension at a time from the Parameter list and this dimension then gets used dynamically as the dimension in corresponding Rows shelve).


      But now I'd like to do something more sophisticated, I'd like the parameter options to be a combination of Dimensions: ex. Dim1-Dim2, Dim1-Dim2-Dim3. And subsequently the corresponding calculated field must return the n-Dimensions instead of just one Dimension (As it's in the article). Hence when users chooses Dim1-Dim2 option, the calculated function should return [[Dimension 1], [Dimension 2]].


      I understand currently there's no way to return multiple Dimensions (or really multiple values) back from a calculated field. And I'm not sure if the Rows shelve would accept a list of dynamic columns (not just one but multiple columns) as the return value from a calculated field.


      Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.