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    Single Value Tiles for Quarterly performance

    conor duke

      Good evening,


      I have a series of data points for a subscription base and I would like to display a series of tiles which display the MOST CURRENT VALUE of each metric in a Tile


      e.g Total number of Subscribers this Quarter,

      Difference in number of subscribers from last quarter etc.



      The 'Quarter' data object is NOT setup as a time field, but the MAX value should suffice.


      How can I create a View which will ALWAYS select the most recent value on opening?







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          Joe Oppelt

          Consider this calc:


          { FIXED : MAX([whatever field you want to get the max of]) }


          This will give you the max value in your data source before any filters get activated for the sheet.


          If I understand your question, this is what you need to do.


          Special note:  This will work in any Tableau version 9.0 or later.

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            Joshua Milligan


            I'm not sure.  I may be mis-understanding the question, but I think Conor wants the most recent value (i.e. the value at the max month). So, what you said will work for getting the Max Month, but then Conor will need to compare that to the month for each row and keep the matches.


            But another possibility is to filter by Month and then keep the Top 1 by min/max Month:



            That will give you a view where you can drag in any values (such as SUM of Sales or AVG Profit) and have the most recent values.



            Now, when it comes to comparing the most recent month to the previous month, one approach is to alter the filter to be the TOP 2 (so you have both months to compare) and then use a table calc filter to show only the most recent month.


            (  Last() == 0 would be moved to Filters and keep only True)


            Hope that helps!