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    To add dynamic interval (Hours/ Minutes) to a time series using parameter...

    Jayshree Dawrewar

      I am working on one such requirement in which, there is a graph plotting the counts of travel (on y axis) with respect to the time series (on x-axis).

      the x-axis is showing hours like as shown below:


      x-axis : 08:00 AM  09:00 AM 10:00 AM ...... so on


      I want to add time interval in form of hours or minutes to this time series so that the axis changes and plots the data accordingly...as shown in below examples:


      If 1Hr or 01:00 is entered in the parameter then : x-axis : 09:00 AM  10:00 AM 11:00 AM ...... so on (an hour gets added)

      if 10 Min or 00:10 is entered in the parameter then : x-axis : 08:10 AM  09:10 AM 10:10 AM ...... so on (10 min gets added)


      I tried multiple ways for hour and achieved this: DATEADD('hour', [Interval], DATETRUNC('hour', Time field))

      But no luck for minutes part....


      Does anyone know any solution for this?