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    Sum lines with condition

    Guilherme Leitão



      I have to sum some columns to make a average calculation, but I have to do it with some conditions.



      REGION      -     NAME          - Month            -      COST


      I have to make a chart with COST/MONTH

      dividing the charts by region and name.


      But I Have to make a double axis chart making a new column (Cost Average) That will be a calculated column

      Something like.

      The sum of the cost for the months I have divided by the number of lines.

      BUT. again I have to divide this column by the categories Region/Name


      So, the calculated filed would be something like


      SUM(COST)/count(lines), but I have to sum the cost only for the NAMES and REGIONS that are equal.

      name = ABC, Region = Region1


      Is there anyway to make this calculation?