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    Reference lines

    Tony Alderton

      Hi everyone,


      I am a Tableau beginner and I have a question. If the answer is very obvious, then I apologise in advance.

      I have a categorical dimension and I want to exclude one category from table calculations (its a NULL category). This I can do, by simply excluding it. All fine and table column total shows correct average. I then change table to horizontal bars chart and include reference line showing average. Problem is, the average calculation then includes the NULL values. How can I get the chart average to agree with the correct table average? (By the way I have tried this:


      1. Right-click a dimension and select Duplicate.
      2. Drag the original field to the Filters shelf and include all values.
      3. Right-click the dimension on the Filters shelf and select Show Filter.
      4. Open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the filter card and then select Only Relevant Values.
      5. Place the duplicate field on the Filters shelf, select all values except the null values, and then click OK.


      Which doesn't work

      Thanks everyone