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    EMERGENCY! HELP! Need data from previous extract/workbook?

    Jarrod Blumer

      So earlier today I was making some changes/additions to the Excel file I use for my Tableau viz. Unknowingly, while making these additions some of the previous rows of data were lost/overwritten. I like to think I'm good with Excel so I'm still not sure how this happened. After saving the Excel workbook to use update my viz, I noticed some of the other viz had changed and I was no longer able to use the previous Excel file with the correct data because it had already been saved with the new data.


      So somehow I need to pull the data from my previously published viz or previously used Tableau Data Extract and essentially get back my old Excel file with the correct data.  For some reason the option to download the data/crosstab is grayed out when I try to download it from my published workbook, even after I make sure the option to download the data/crosstab is allowed.  How can I retrieve my old data set?