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    Dashboard Filter Action for Nested Field

    Max Holiber



      I am trying to run a filter action on nested fields that will affect the titles of a graph.  I have attached a sample workbook with dummy data that represents what i am trying to accomplish. 


      On the left, I have a table that shows names within locations.  There is a bar graph on the right that will change based on the dimension selected in the table.  There are also two titles, one for location and one for name that are both hidden, right now, but I want the selected dimension to appear in the title.


      Right now, if you click on location A, A appears in the title but so do all of the names within A.  I only want these names to appear if the user then selects an actual name in A such as abc.  If the user just selects a Location, I want the names title to still be blank


      How can I filter these titles properly to only reflect what is selected?


      Any help would be appreciated.