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    "Validating" Tableau Extract

    Kyle Boyce

      Good Afternoon everyone!,


      One of our Executive leaders wanted to know if there was a way to verify that our Tableau Extract pulls all of the necessary data that we told it to from our environment. Is there a way to "query" against the extract file, outside of Tableau, to check things like row count and size? Maybe somewhere Tableau stores some temp tables or something....




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          Shinichiro Murakami

          I'm not sure this approach is feasible by the data size perspective, but anyways..


          Got to datasource and right click and View Data.

          You can see the number of rows.


          And clicking top -right same as excel, you can select all the data and copy ==> paste to excel or something to validate..



          If the data volume is significantly big, you can drag


          And get number of items as well.