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    BUG : Combined Field filter ignores custom separator

    Chris McClellan

      Tested in v.10.1.0


      I have 2 dimensions:


      - FY (Financial Year) text datatype with values FY15 & FY16

      - Fortnight text datatype with values FN1 through to FN26


      This is how the data is provided, and works for most visualisations we create.  Yesterday we had to create a combined field, combining FY & Fortnight with a "-" separator.  It looks great when the new field is on Rows, Columns or Color (etc) , but when creating a quick filter the separator is ignored and it just uses a comma


      Should this be classed as a bug ?

      Is there any workaround so that we can see the custom separator in the quick filter (so it matches the row/column/Color display ?)