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    Making Certain Trend Values appear below the Axis on a Stacked Bar Chart

    Ryan Barker

      Hello all,


      I have a visualization for trending some data that looks like this:


      The viz is built off a data source that is completely normalized. It has one row per month and ID. The viz was created by placing COUNTD(ID) on the rows field, MTD on the columns field, and a column called TRENDS on the color tab of the marks card. I then filtered the view for trends != null, sorted the values of trends, some prettying up, and viola.


      To make this viz more effective, I'd like to make all of the values for "MoM Dropped" and "True Dropped" negative so they show up under the axis and the values above the axis are only trending as "True New", "MoM New", and "MoM Carryover". This is because summing "True New", "MoM New", and "MoM Carryover" will give you your current number of items for the month.


      I tried to move the values using this calculated field, but got an error about mixing aggregate and non-aggregate values in an IF statement:


      IF [TRENDS] = "True Drop" OR [TRENDS] = "MoM Dropped" THEN -1  * COUNTD(ID)




      Does anyone know how I can move "MoM Dropped" and "True Drop" below the axis?


      Apologies for the vague post - I am working with company confidential information and cannot be too specific.


      Thank you very much,


        Ryan Barker

        Verizon Wireless