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    Dashboard Action To Go Back

    Josh Delekta



      Please see attached. Is there a way to create a dashboard action to go backwards? Currently when you click an allocation the dashboard filters and drills down. Is there a way to click the blank space outside of the area chart and go backwards without the use of navigation buttons?


      Thank you!

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          Matt Hong

          I'm not sure if you can open my workbook since I have 10.1. But all I did was use the same navigation filter action as you used to jump between sheets.


          1. I created a blank worksheet with one calculated field showing text: "Go back"


          2. I put that sheet into "2. Subplatform Dashboard"


          3. I created a filter action with my new worksheet as source and "1. Billing Approver Dashboard" as target"


          Now when I click on the text "Go back" on the second dashboard, it jumps to the first dashboard.

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            Joe Oppelt

            "Without the use of a navigation button"??


            Actions work on marks within a sheet.


            I suppose you could create a one-mark sheet that occupies the entire dashboard underneath everything else on that dashboard.  Make the mark so that it looks invisible to the user.  (Maybe a giant white square.)  that way, clicking anywhere that is not an actual object that appears visible to the user would actually be clicking on the underlying sheet.

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              Joe Oppelt

              OK, I opened your workbook.  (Note to self:  V 9.3)  So you have these tiled, meaning there is no open space on the dashboard, and now I understand better your question about "space outside the area chart" to click on.


              You have to have some sort of sheet for the user to click.

              See attached.  Your 3rd dashboard.  This is how I do these sorts of things.

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                Josh Delekta

                Matt and Joe,


                Thank you both for your responses. I wasn't sure there was a way to "Go Back" without the use of a sheet. I've been trying for hours. That said, I have another related question for either of you that I've also been struggling with a bit:


                The "3. Billed Vs. Unbilled" dashboard I've been trying to use dashboard actions to drill into either the billed or unbilled portion of the area chart just like I did with "Billing Approver" but "Billing Approver" is one dimension and "Billed" and "Unbilled" are two separate measures. Is there a dashboard action for billed and unbilled where I could create two more dashboards, one with a billed view and one with an unbilled view, and send the user to each based on which allocation they select?


                Thank you. I appreciate your help.

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  See attached.


                  I changed the action you already had on dashboard 3 to MENU.  I created two more sheets based on "3. Billed vs Unbilled Worksheet", one for billed.  One for unbilled.  Made separate dashboards for each.  Take a close look at the action filter on "3. Billed vs Unbilled Worksheet".  I changed it to apply to the two new worksheets.  So whatever the use selects from dashboard 2 will be carried to these two sheets.

                  Then I added two more menu actions on dashboard 3.  Click on value in the Worksheet on Dashboard 3.  You'll see the three choices.

                  You could also create two separate butons for billed and unbilled like I did with the "Return" button I made for Dashboard 3.  Then they can all be SELECT actions instead of MENU.

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                    Josh Delekta

                    Thanks Joe. I appreciate your help on all this and will take a look!