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    Google Analytics Data Limit & Tableau

    Kevin Wiles

      Hi There,

      I’m currently creating a monthly updated dashboard which contains the last years data compared  to this year’s however every time I need to add say the following months data Google Analytics is having to pull the whole 16-18 months data causing time delays and API issues.

      Is there a way to just append this month’s data to the end without doing a full api call for all the data? I’d want to ensure my graphs still contained all the previous months’ data etc

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          I do a daily incremental extract from google analytics for our internal reporting here at Tableau.  You should be able to setup incremental extracts for this. 


          Cannot Configure Incremental Refresh of Google Analytics Extract | Tableau Software  should address the issue if you have issues with this not appearing as an option.


          Hopefully that fixes it up for you.



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            Faranak Sadeghi

            Any suggestion to accelerate the process of extract.

            I use the following metrics and dimensions to create a dashboard for our e-commerce performance:



            - Date

            - Default channel grouping

            - Month of the year


            - Sessions

            - Revenue

            - Transactions

            - %New Sessions

            - Users

            - % New Users


            I Fix the start date for the beginning of 2016 to be able to get YoY data but the extract takes more than 30 min and at the end give me an error message.


            I have 4 different accounts on GA and I wanted to do this for all of them and then blend the data to get everything in one place.


            Any advice to accelerate the process? Or take a better approach to do this?



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              Eric Chau

              As much as I love Tableau, I find it inadequate when it comes to GA.

              Tableau is not very good at working with multiple GA account nor pulling incremental updates.


              We use a tool called Analytic Canvas to help us consolidate results from multiple GA accounts. It is essentially an ETL tool to help you extract, transform (cleanse / transpose / unpivot / pivot / aggregate / consolidate, etc.), and load it into a database that Tableau can consume. Other similar tools (e.g., Alteryx, etc.) decided for such task could be a better alternative. It might not speed up your process, but it would be cleaner and more manageable with scheduled pulls, etc.


              One of the best features it has is its ability to partition the data into small chunks to eliminate sampling, without having to write a line of code.


              The tool is quite intuitive to use, and it has support for AdWords, etc. as well.


              Our use case: load the data from GA + Google Sheets + AdWords, etc. -> Cleanse / Consolidate / Add Meta Data, etc. -> Load that into our internal SQL data -> Connect Tableau to the SQL data source. You can probably do an incremental load as required.


              % New Sessions and % New Users can probably be calculated in Tableau.


              We look at Google Data Studio as well, but as a 1.0 product it is a bit limited as well. (i.e., lack of support for pulling from multiple GA account natively, etc.)


              Please let me know if it helps and I can provide more details as required.

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