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    Creating a Dummy alias in my bar chart

    Cliff Shaw

      Creating a new thread...


      This is for market research purposes where the survey allows skips. I have a my question data in columns with my respondent data in rows. Question 4 has 4 options shown to the participant (Example A, B, C, D) however of those that participated (Example 75 of 100) no one selected option D (the 75 responses are spread across options A, B, or C). I now have null responses in my Q4 column due to skips which I'm excluding from my bar chart. I do however want to SHOW option D with 0 responses in my chart so that the client is aware the option was given but no selections were made.


      I have trolled the forums and can't find a solution to this. It makes sense since Tableau shows data and I'm asking it to make something up essentially.


      Anyone successfully do this or is it a limitation I'll have to deal with?