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    Partial Refresh of Tableau Data Extract

    Himanshu Chaudhary

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a Tableau Connection which has 19 MM records, out of which 10MM records are static and never going to change. Is there any way i can keep these 10 MM records as-is in the extract without refreshing during every Full Refresh.

      Incremental Refresh is not an option because updates and deletes are happening on Data.


      Please let me know if there is any workaround for this.




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          Jonathan Drummey

          There's probably some sort of workaround involving a custom query and some sort of "date changed" field but I'm not sure. Jeff Strauss might have some ideas.

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            Yuriy Fal

            Hi Himanshu,


            I could imagine the following scenario:


            1. Make sure you can define your "static" rows

            as a combination of some (dimension) filters.


            2. Do an extract of those "static" rows only

            by applying your filters defined above

            as the Extract Filters.


            3. Make a copy of the resulting extract and rename it.


            4. Do an extract of all other ("dynamic") rows

            by reverting your currently established Extract Filters --

            from Include to Exclude (and vice versa).


            !!! Do not change Your Extract Filters from this step !!!


            5. Save your workbook at this stage.


            6. Append your Extract from the "static" file

            saved at the step 3. The menu command is:

            Data --> Extract --> Append Data from File...


            7. If successful, save the workbook.


            Every time you need to refresh your extract,

            simply repeat steps 4-7. Start with Extract --> Refresh.

            Refreshing an extract effectively removes all appended parts,

            so re-append your "static" portion again after refreshing is complete.


            Hope this would work for you.




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              Pas Sai

              Hi Yuriy,


              I tried the exact same steps you mentioned. But I not able to append any rows. I get the message 0 rows appended.
              Are you appending the second extract to the first or vice_versa? If I append second extract to the first I am not able to keep the filters added to the second extract.

              Please attach a sample workbook if possible.

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                Yuriy Fal

                Hi Pas Sai,


                Thank you for re-viving this thread.


                You're right, my recipe above is plain wrong,

                'cause the Extract Filter in the workbook remains intact,

                and the appended rows become "filtered", hence 0 rows appended :-(


                The recipe could be modified (complicated a bit) as follows:


                1. Create a first workbook and make an Extract #1 of the Static part (old rows).

                2. Create a second workbook and make an Extract #2 of the Dynamic part (new / updated rows).

                3. Create a third (Target) workbook and point it to use the Extract #2 (TDE file) as the Datasource.

                4. Explicitly make an extract from this datasource. Save the workbook.

                5. Append from the Extract #1 (TDE file). You'll get the desired result.


                Every time you want to refresh your data:

                1. Refresh your Extract #2 using the second workbook.

                2. Refresh your Target Extract using the third (Target) workbook.

                3. Append to your Target Extract from the Extract #1 (TDE file).


                Please find the attached as a mockup of the above (all version 10.2).

                Sorry, I couldn't come with the better (yet).

                Hope this makes sense.




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                  Saikrishna Mamidi

                  I am not sure you would have resolved your problem or not, as it is very old thread.


                  The following solution works for your situation with Extract API.

                  1. Create a TDE file for static rows

                  2. Fetch all dynamic rows from Database

                  3. Merge with existing TDE file

                  4. Use the updated TDE file as as source for your Dashboard Design


                  Here is a Video which may help you more about Extract API.

                  Extract API Introduction