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    Unable to apply filter in a Dashboard


      Hi All,


      I have been facing this issue with 2 charts in Tableau which share the same field.

      Chart 1: Created to count the number of risk instances by Department.

      Chart 2: This is developed from 2 data sources - Source 1 is used to create a 8 X 8 matrix, on which numbers from the above data source are superimposed. However I am unable to make the filter work, based on selection of Chart 1.


      Please find the attached workbook with extracted data.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Tom W

          What exactly is the relationship between the two sheets / sources?

          If you click on a bar in the top chart, that represents a department. But your bottom sheet has no concept of department.

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            Hi Tom,


            Data source: Matrix is used only to create the Matrix with all the background coloring.

            Data source: Data is used to display the total number of risks in each category. This is linked to the Depts which are displayed in the 1st Chart.


            Requirement: I need to enable a drill down, Clicking on the Dept should display only those risks from that department in the Matrix. e.g. clicking on "Dept 1" should display the following:

            A1 - 2

            B2 - 2

            C3 - 1

            D4 - 1

            F6 - 1

            Rest of them should be 0.


            Thanks for looking into this.

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              Tom W

              Your Matrix datasource has no concept of department. There is no way that I can see based on your Matrix data source that you can determine which department the risk belongs to.

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                Hi Tom,


                Risks are raised against Departments. So they are tagged together in the source "Data". As mentioned earlier, source "Matrix" is solely for the purpose of creating the Matrix in the background on which the actual count of risks are gathered from the source "Data". Can you please look into the attached workbook. I added the Domain filter now.


                I would reiterate my requirement below. Just in case you have something more standard way to achieve this.

                1. I need to view the count of risks against an 8X8 matrix based on their Risk Rating (background color is to be changed on the Risk Rating).


                2. I need to display the numbers in relevant Risk Rating (A1, B4, F6.... etc)


                Data source - Matrix - is something I created to create the below matrix template. And blending data from the actual "Dept. Risk data table" I am displaying the Risk count.


                Please share any alternative to achieve the below final view.


                3. My way of doing this isn't allowing me to drill the the 8X8 Matrix from other charts, which is also required.


                Thanks for looking into this.

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                  Tom W

                  Your matrix dataset can't just show a count of things based on a relationship which doesn't exist.

                  If you apply a filter in Sheet 2 using the 'Dept' field, you will partially get what you want in that it will filter down to those relevant items from the Data source, but you lose all your placeholders for the 0's.

                  It's fundamentally not possible to create Sheet2 as a placeholder matrix like you've got it setup now.


                  I would suggest that your best way forward is to create a 'matrix' source which contains all letter and number combinations - that is, all the 0 placeholders as well as the scored combinations, along with a department field so you can create a link.