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    Calculated lat/long - does not render as map

    Robert J

      Hi All,


      I have lat/long columns in my data set, and they work fine (together with path, detail data) on my biz to display my polygons.

      I actually have lat inserted twice, and my viz is in dual view, to show labels on my map.

      So far it works fine.


      However, some labels are not exactly at the right places (avg(lat) is used), as expected.

      So I tried to use a calculated field to force lat values for selected polygons. The calculation is ok, though as soon as I use calculated field as latitude, the map is no longer recognized as "map". Polygons look correct, but the view is different, grid lines are displayed, map option menu is gone, etc.

      I could not find any option to force Tableau display it as a map.

      Hints would be appreciated! Many thanks!




      Attached dummy twbx illustrating the issue.

      Worksheet with Latitude from data source looks good. Worksheet with latitude calculted (Latitude2) does not really look like map, though shapes are ok. How do I make it look like a map.

      In my example Latitude2 equals Latitude to simplify the example.

      I am probably missing something very obvious, but cannot see it.