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    IF Calculation


      Hi , I am fresher for Tableau. Here I have a simple calculation ,Please help out


      Job id     Reports on Time

      10             1

      11             1


      If both the Reports on time is 1 then I need the count as 1, else 0

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          Matt Ridley

          Hi Divya,


          Could you please give me a bit more background on this? Do you mean if 'job id 10' is on time then show a 1 or do you mean if both 'job id 10 and 11' are on time then you want to show a 1?





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            Hi matt,


            Thanks for the quick response.

            Here is the detailed description


            Jobstream I'd- job I'd-reports on time


            1234                     10          1

                                          11          1


            My job stream has two jobs(10 n 11) so I need a calculation like if the

            report is on time(1) for both the jobs, then my count should be 1


            Even if one job is not on time(report on time = 0) then count should be 0


            Note : Here I have given example of only two jobs. But the calculation shud

            be flexible irrespective  of no of jobs

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              Amit Narkar

              how about this


              if {exclude [Job id]: min([Reports on Time])}=0 then 0 else 1 end

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                DIVYA TIKKISETTI

                Hello Amit,


                The calculation isnt working . May be i am not clear in explantion part.

                Here is a detailed Description.




                jobstream id     jobid     report on time     report delayed

                1                     10             1                      0

                                       20             1                      0

                                       30             0                      1


                2                     40             1                      0

                                                       1                      0



                I need the sum of reports job stream wise.

                In above ex:

                for Job stream id 1, Report on time is 0 for Job=30 , so on aggregate it

                should be 0 for Job stream id=1

                for Job stream id 2, Report on time is 1 for all jobs related to it, so on

                aggregate it should be 1 .



                Then on total sum of reports need to be calculated for all job streams(Here

                ex: 10.....)












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                  Amit Narkar

                  this is how it appears to me with below logic

                  if {fixed [Job Stream]: min([Report on Time])}=0 then 0 else 1 end