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    How can I create a good "Pareto Chart" for sales datas?

    Massimo Tirelli


      How can I create a good Pareto Chart starting from sales informations? I have collected the sales information about single companies (column chart), sorted by turnover amount and also there is Year-to-Date turnover amount in the other mark.

      The variable '80% Turnover' show the companies represent the 80% of the total annual turnover (with color change). 

      If I try the filters, the graph change dynamically, but the 80% turnover axis remain FIXED (with or without the use of FIXED in the variable definition). 

      Someone can help me with some advise? Thanks to all.


      StyleCapture_2016-11-21_11-43-32_862.pngStyleCapture_2016-11-21_11-46-34_179.pngthe result is the same.