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    Which is correct formula to calculate NPS?

    Pahul Walia

      How can I calculate Net Promoter Score when I have response data from 0-10 and 88 which signifies not applicable in the list of response? What should be the accurate formula to calculate NPS?

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          Tina Hauser

          As I understand it, the calculation is % of promoters (score 9 or 10) minus % of detractors (score 0-6).


          I assume you would ignore 88 just as you would ignore the 7 and 8 scores. But, this is not a metric I've worked with often so I'm not your best resource if you're seeking best practices around the score itself.


          In terms of using Tableau, there are a few ways you could set up this calculation depending on how your data is structured and what other dimensions are in your view.

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            Matthew Risley



            -I use NPS daily. Here is how I did it:

            -I make a case statement for Promoter and Detractor. You may need an if statement though. It depends on your case. Something like:


            CASE  [value]

                 when 'promoter'

                 then 1



            For your use case you may have 88 "Nulls". We call these "No scores" so as we made a calculated field for promoter and detractor, make one for "No scores"


            Then I create the NPS score Calculated field:


                  (count([Promoter]) / count([Number of Records]) - count([No Score]) - (count([Detractor]) / count([Number of Records])-count([No Score])


            You may need to play with the calculations based on how your data is structured.


            Hope that helps!

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