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    Newbie - How to create a percentage of survey reponses

    Lydia Russell


      Hopefully someone can help me with a survey.

      1. The question asks for a rating between 1 - 10. I can display the results but would like to capture the percentages of each rating. example Total number of surveys are 50. 20 people rated 10/10, 5 rated 9/10 and so on...what do I create a percentage and not count to display.

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      2. A question has a column with services and how many attended the services, I need to create another column with the percentage of the counts. I've tried a calculated field with this formula: SUM([Number of Records]) / TOTAL(SUM([Number of Records]))

      The counts in the column (far right) are correct but can't get the % to be of the total records. I would appreciate any help.

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