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    Edit location affecting two workbooks?

    Daniel Baker

      Hi there,


      First time poster here - please excuse the ignorance, just getting to know Tableau.


      I have a dashboard I've created and I've included a filled map that I'm using as a filter (click on a state/province and all sales data is filtered to that state/province).


      My issue has been that my sales data includes both Canada and the US, which returns some ambiguous states/provinces when I set the country/region to "None". 


      I decided I would use two maps (two different workbooks), setting one to "Canada" and the other to the "US".  The strange thing is that when I change the country/region in edit locations on one workbook, it applies the same values to the second workbook.  I can't seem to make them independent.


      I was using the same field ("State") for both, which has both states and provinces in it.  I tried duplicating the state field in my excel file (my source) and creating a new field called province, so the maps were using different field, but the issue remains the same.


      Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?  Apologies if I'm not being clear... using demo of Tableau desktop 10.1.1


      Thanks in advance,


      - Daniel