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    Centralize or De-Centralize Tableau Workbook folders to publish to Tableau Server

    Michael Szymanski



      I am the Site Admin for our Tableau Server 10.0.  I have 27 people with Tableau Desktop 10 licenses.  I am one of two people who can publish workbooks to the server.  No else is allowed to publish workbooks by order of management.

      Currently, we have one 'Tableau workbook' folder located on our shared drive where everyone's workbook is kept for publication to the server.  Our shared drive folders have a limit of 10gb.

      We are at our 10gb limit for the folder.  Should I decentralize the 'tableau workbook' folder system?   Let each person have their own folder and I would publish it from each person's folder?

      I am open to your suggestions.  Any documentation on organizing this would be helpful.

      Thank you.  Michael