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    Beginner in Tableau - How can I create a combo chart with two different dimensions?

    Hung Dang

      @Dear Tableau-community,


      thank you very much for helping me with my first post. I am quite a beginner in Tableau but so far I am loving every bit of it. I have gone through a lot of tutorials and I have tried to fix the challenge of this question on my own for the past hour but I couldn't find a way to fix this small challenge. I really hope you could help me out! Thank you so much in advance!


      I am currently analysing data from a festival and want to see how many days and night people spend at the festival. While I can easily create the single graph for days and nights at festival, I cannot combine them. Let me illustrate in a few screenshots.



      1. What I have

      Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 13.06.48.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-19 at 13.06.58.png


      2. What happens if I combine both



      Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 13.07.10.png


      3 What I would like to have


      Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 13.11.30.png


      I hope I could illustrate the problem and I would really appreciate your help!!