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    END GOAL: Simulate a Quick Filter's 'Use All' in a User Filter's Value Set. (ex. Show new values as they appear in data)

    John Adubufuor

      END GOAL: Simulate a quick filter's 'Use All' in a User Fitler Value Set. (ex. Show new values as they appear in data)


      Create a User Filter that allows one end user to only see one specific value, and a second admin user that can see all values. (Even new values as they appear in the data set later).


      ISSUE: If a new value appears in the data in the future, the Admin who I want to always see everything does not see it. I have to manually add the new value to the Admin's User Filter set.


      When I create the user filter I can achieve my end goal with the current data. User see's only one value (A) and Admin see All values (A, B, C). When D appears later, Admin does not see it until I manually add it.


      If this was a quick filter, it behaves like I clicked "All" while selecting from list, when what I want is for it to behave like I clicked 'Use All'



      Create a simple Excel sheet as Follows"

      A1 = Group

      A2 = A

      A2 = B

      A3 = C


      Save and add this as a datasource to a Tableau workbook

      Create a tableau sheet and drop Group on the Row Pane

      Sign into Tableau Server

      Create a User Filter with Group named 'Group_to_See" and add any 2 users

      Select A as member value for 1st User

      Select All as member value for 2nd User.


      At this point everything works as desired.


      Open Excel datasource and add A4 = D

      Refresh tableau

      Notice that nobody sees D.

      Edit Set of User Filter and add D to 2nd User


      Now we have what we want but will have to manually add every new value.


      If there was a Use All option on the User Fitler that behaved just like a Quick Filter we'd eliminate dmanual effort to let the the 2nd user (an admin for example) always see all values.


      Any and all help is appreciated

      Thanks in advance