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    Calculating dimension average using FIXED when data are duplicated

    Michael Passarella-George



      I am stumped trying to figure out how to compute an unduplicated average when my data are duplicated, and I’m hoping the community can help.


      I am working with data about student evaluations of courses taken. Rows in my data reflect counts of responses for a course-instructor-item combination (i.e. 20 Strongly Agrees for MATH 101, taught by person A, questionnaire item 1). I need to calculate averages across courses for dimensions in the data, like an academic department. Some items on the questionnaire are about the course, and some are about the instructor. For the department average, the calculation for instructor items should include all instructors, but the calculation for course items should only include each course once when there are multiple instructors. I also need to be able to display the department average on an individual report about a course-instructor pair.

      Using the data shown below, I would like the English department average for CRS1 to reflect (2.80+2.47+2.60)/3 = 2.62, rather than (2.80+2.47+2.47+2.60)/4 = 2.58


      I appreciate any advice you can offer!