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    multiple excel data sources - potential market vs actual sales vs market drivers

    Roger Bottum

      Looking at doing a market segment analysis by comparing our assessment of the number of potential customers and product sales in various industry segments (using 3 digit NAICS codes), then comparing that to our actual sales to date in those same segments AND to external data sources that have quantitative market driver information


      The challenge is that data source 1, assessment of customers and products sales, is an aggregate at the industry segment level, while data sources 2 and 3 are at a customer level of detail.


      All this is in Excel.


      I can aggregate data sources 2 and 3 in Excel, then just join to Source 1, but that seems like extra work in Excel that Tableau could do for me?   I looked at using Data Blending but couldnt figure out to make that work with multiple Excel data sources


      Also we will want to update  this analysis over time, particularly the actual sales data, so whichever path makes sense would be most useful if not a lot of rework each time we update the data.