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    Workgroup.yml - Difference between saml.logout.redirect_url & saml.redirect_url

    Matthias Goossens

      Hey Community members,


      I am working with alternate logout page on my Tableau Server (9.3) and I am facing some issues.

      There are two situations:


      1) A user clicks on 'Logout' on Tableau Server and he gets forwarded to the alternate logout pages. No problems here


      2) As user tries to login on my Tableau Server but enter the credentials of a user that is present in the Identity Provider, but this user is not present on my Tableau Server.
      Therefore my Tableau Server gives a new screen that says 'Try Again'. Once I click on this 'Try Again' button, I also get forwarded to my alternate logout page. This is not the behavior I want.

      I want it to forward to my Tableau Server login page again.



      Has this something to do with my Workgroup.yml file settings?

      There are two available options in here for SAML:


      1. saml.logout.redirect_url

      2. saml.redirect_url


      At this moment both settings contain the same URL (the url of my alternate page).


      Therefore the following questions:


      Why can I only find documentation relating to logout.redirect_url?

      Can a change in my Workgroup.yml file fix the issue?


      Thanks in advance for the help!