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    Help with embed code / "share" Link url weirdness

    Sarah McGraw



      I've built a bunch of dashboards and embedded them into webpages on my company intranet. All of them have parameter controls to swap the data out in the view.


      Some customers of the data have grabbed ALL the urls from the "share" menu and put them into word documents--the idea being that their readers can click on the url to open the specific viz view that's pertinent to that portion of text.(Doesn't seem like the best way to access these data, but that's what they want).


      The links always open out to the correct view. They always open a new browser window, the viz always appears in a pop-up over that window, and they always open to the correct version of the view (i.e. with the correct setting on the parameter control). So far so good.


      The problem is that the pop-up appears over the department intranet page where the viz is embedded some of the time (good!) but appears over my Tableau public page the rest of the time (highly undesirable!). What could be going on here?


      I'm thinking there's something in the embed code causing this difference, but I'm not sure what it is.


      There are also some variations in the url structure that comes out of the "Share" box in the viz--including from two different settings on the same dashboard, and I assume these differences also come out of the embed code. For example, when I set one viz's parameter control to the first setting (the default setting/ the one visible when I saved the workbook), it looks like this:

      • public.tableau.com/views/companynamestuff/dashname?:embed=y&:loadOrderID=0&:display_count=yes

      But when I use the parameter control to switch to any other view, it looks like this:

      • public.tableau.com/shared/DNG8B4KG2?:display_count=yes

      The first of those urls points to Tableau public, while the second one points to my site (though I can't promise that this is a consistent pattern across my dashboards--in fact, I'm pretty sure it's not). I can't figure out why there are two different things happening out of a single embedded view, because I also have other dashboards where all the settings use the second naming convention, meaning that I don't think it's a simple matter of the "default" view using one and the other views using the other.


      Could anyone help me understand what elements in the embed code I should be looking at to figure all this out? Or just what the heck is going on in general? THANK YOU!