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    Formatting Issue

    Dan Bridges

      Hi All,


      Just wondering if anyone can help me, I'm having an issue with an unwanted border on my dashboard.


      As you can see in the image below there appears to be a white border between the title and the rest of the sheet, however I've set all the borders to the same colour as the background when formatting both the sheet itself and the title however it is still there.


      It appears to be linked to the title as when you hide the title it disappears but I'm struggling to find away of keeping a title on and getting rid of this line. The only option I can find is to hide the title and add a text box with the title in, but that seems a bit silly really.


      Anyone got any ideas at all, it would be greatly appreciated.



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          Matt Ridley

          Hi Dan,


          The title acts as a separate box placed above the chart. The white line is actually the colour of the dashboard background behind it. 2 ways to rectify this would be:


          • Choose Dashboard from the menu bar, click 'format' and then shade your dashboard to the same colour as your chart background.
          • Right click on your chart, click 'format', click the little paint can and then shade the graph to the colour of your dashboard.


          Please let me know if this solves the issue.





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            D Barnetson

            Hi Dan,


            Try right-clicking on the title, then format the title. You should be able to change the color from there.



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              Chuck Stevens

              As Dan said above, just format your dashboard to the desired color.  The only other thing I would recommend, is make sure title border is set to none.