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    How to display a dynamic calculation of dynamic columns

    Anuj Vaijapurkar

      Hi there,


      I'm running a registered Tableau desktop edition 10.1.1(10100.16.1103.2343) 64-bit.


      I'm very new to Tableau so apologies if I'm asking a repeated question. I tried searching through the forum but unfortunately couldn't get anything which fits my requirement.


      I have attached an XL sheet containing some raw data collected from different stores and for different Waves (time periods). The "Customer Satisfaction Response" (hereinafter referred as CS) ranges from 1 to 10 where 9 and 10 are considered as "Extremely Satisfied".


      I want to build a dash with a Table which will look something like below.....

      *Base size n = the total number of records for that Wave

      *Satisfaction = % of the population who gave the rank either 9 or 10

      *Difference.... = Wave % difference

      *So in above example...

          Wave 5 % (62) = 16,120 responses (out of 26,000) have either 9 or 10. (same calculations for remaining waves)

          Difference Wave 7... = 63 - 64 = -1


      The waves and their comparison should be a user selection i.e. the user may wish to see only Wave 5 and Wave 7 and will select how he/she wants to compare them i.e. Wave 5 minus Wave 6 or Wave 6 - Wave 5.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.