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    Sum of sales for current month

    Steven Chen


      I have one data source with actual sales and another data source with forecast sales. I am trying to track our progress but am running into an issue when trying to sum the forecast sales for the current month.


      A couple of notes:

      The lowest level of detail is month so I have all sales and forecast happening on the 1st of every month.

      We have a wonky fiscal calendar (4-4-5 starting in October) so I can't use Today() because I would get 11 as the month instead of 2.

      I am trying to grab the date of the latest sale (which gives me the correct month) and but it's giving me the cannot combine aggregate and non-aggregate error.


      This is what I'm trying:

      SUM ( IIF ( [Max Actual Sales Date.Other Data Source]= [Forecast Date], [Forecast Sales], 0 ) )


      Does anyone have any ideas?