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    Tableau 10.0.1 doesn't allow local image files to be opened in a url window

    Vinesh Nacker

      This is a huge problem for our organisation and at this stage looks like a deal-breaker for continued use of Tableau in our organisation.

      A lot of our clients which are government departments have branches which are located in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

      This means that linking to web images in not a good option.

      Tableau suggest in their explanation (see http://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/local-images-in-web-page-object-do-not-display) "For security reasons, Tableau 10.0.1 will only display web pages in a web page zone within a dashboard.

      The policy in a lot of departments in our state government in Australia is that hosting of images on the web is not allowed.  Storing those images locally and not connecting the Tableau files to the web is much more secure.


      It seems bizarre.  I personally will be sad to not be using Tableau for any more projects as I found that it was more versatile and user-friendly products out there.

      Does anybody else think this is a bizarre call on the part of Tableau?