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    Display category with multiple sub categores without nesting them

    Jennifer Hysuick

      This is a tough one to figure out. I have a data set with a column for Program Name, Student ID, Visible Minority (yes or no), Gender (Male or Female) and Disability (yes or no). And example of the outcome I am looking to achieve is:

      ProgramEnrolment (count of ID)
      Visible Minority10


      When I load it in Tableau, I'm adding Program, Gender, Disability, and Visible Minority into the Rows, and Measure Names (Enrolment) into the Columns (and updated the filters to only include Female and YES to disabled and visible minority), and I'm getting this:

      ProgramGenderDisabilityVisible MinorityEnrolment
      EnglishFemaleDisabledVisible Minority2


      Its like each time I add a dimension, it adds an additional layer of filtering, rather than JUST giving me the subset of each sub-category.


      I'm at a loss as to how to find the solution to what I am trying to accomplish.  Any help? I'm pretty new to Tableau, and been through a few online training sessions, but have yet to come across anything that would help me in this.


      Thank you.