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    Action-filtering a dimension without placing it on detail

    Matt Hong

      My first sheet counts the number of responses which indicated some sentiment toward a brand X. The second sheet counts the number of responses which indicated the source through which the participant have heard of brand X:

      I want to be able to filter the first sheet with the second sheet. So if I filtered on the second sheet by clicking on 'Ad on TV', only the sentiments of people who saw the brand on TV should be counted on the first sheet, i.e.:

      What I did there was place 'Person' dimension on detail for each sheet, and create an action filter with the 'Person' dimension as the source/target field. However, this means there are those lines that divide the bars to sections. Because I don't want those sections (nor that many marks for that matter) I was wondering how I could accomplish this without the 'Person' dimension in detail.


      If someone could accomplish this while maintaining the structure of the underlying CSV file, I would be very grateful. Thank you.


      P.s. The first file is the workbook without 'Person' on detail. The second file is the workbook with it on detail and with action filters applied.