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    Excel file with dates as header?

    Justin Barnes

      I have an excel file used to store department metrics.  The rows are the department name and metric.  The columns are days of the month and that metric's value.  I'm running into trouble trying to use the excel as a datasource.  It will not recognize that the column headers are dates and the metric values are associated to that date.  For example, I'm trying to pull the last three months worth of metrics.  Since it is not recognizing the header as an actual date field, I cannot figure out how to pull the last three months worth of data.  Any ideas?


      Here's an example if it helps:

      Department Name (column A)   Metric (column B)          1/31/2016 (column C)     2/28/2016 (Column D) ... etc

      Accounts Payable                     #Invoices Processed     12,687                            13,955