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    Calculated field with dashboard title

    Ansgar Sartor

      Hi everyone,


      trying to set-up some dashboards and need a calculated field that includes the name of the current dashboard? It seems possible to reference in text boxes, but I do not know how to (if it is possible) create a dynamic field (depending on current dashboard) with this value.


      Why not use title field?

      I want to use this field in the table, so the name shows up and can be used e.g. in a dashboard action filter.


      Help would be greatly appreciated.




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          David Li

          Hi Ansgar, I'm pretty sure that this isn't possible unless you require that the user click on something in the dashboard before the dashboard title will appear. Would that be an acceptable part of the user experience?


          You would basically need to create separate sheets and use action filters to adjust the titles, but this would be cumbersome because you'd have to update the names manually. There's no way to directly reference sheet or dashboard names in calculated fields.

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            Ansgar Sartor

            Hi David,

            So if I understand right there might be a way if a user clicks on the dashboard? Since I only need this information to be in the table and it does not need to be visible, just handed over via an action filter, this might be worth a try.


            When you said "update the names manually", this means only for additional dashboards or every time this "feature" is used?


            Thanks a lot.

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              David Li

              Yes, but it's a pretty cumbersome workaround, and if you think you can get by without using it, I'd recommend it. Basically, you would create a secondary data source that contains the names of all of the dashboards. Then, you would create one sheet for each dashboard. Each sheet should have a different filter that keeps only one of the names. Then, you would set up an action filter that filters down to a selected dashboard name. When a user clicks on one of the sheets you made, it'll filter it down to the appropriate value, allowing you to get the dashboard name from that field.