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    Is there a way to show the selected value filters being applied?

    Jerimiah Kent

      I am new to Tableau, I have a background in Cognos, and I have created a dashboard that works well enough. I have each visualization allowed to filter the others - basically, as someone selects a data element, all of the other visualizations update. I am concerned that if someone takes a screen capture or prints the report, the values could be taken out of context because it isn't always obvious what values were selected that led to the current view. In Cognos it is easy enough to display the filters chosen, however that is done before the report is loaded but Tableau is updating the charts on the fly making the problem more complicated. I don't want to inundate my report viewers by having filter boxes all over my report - plus, those are kind of ugly and really defeat the purpose of using selected data as a filter. This leads up to my question, if someone selects a data element, for example, Lunchboxes in the Product Category cross-tab, is there a way to dynamically show that this is now an applied filter? If not, any suggestions?


      As a side note, it seems like there might be a way to do some using the JavaScript API however, as far as I can tell, the API only interacts with visualizations being imbedded on other webpages, not really using JavaScript on a hosted dashboard.