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    Questions about server table "desktop_reporting"

    Toby Erkson

      I'm looking at the contents of this table and now I've got some questions.  Since this is a new table (version 10) I don't expect answers unless I contact support or an employee steps in

      1. What does Return mean in the action column?
      2. I have one entry with a blank mac_address.  The rest of the fields are filled in for this particular user so how is this possible?
      3. Some entries have a Null value in the maintenance_expiration.  Why?
      4. One entry is blank in the product_keys column!  Why?
      5. registration_date contains Null for some entries (below image).  Why/How?


      -- Misc --

      What caught my attention was that there is no connection between this table and system_users nor users!  Thinking about this it does make sense because Desktop is not logging on to the Server, it's simply communicating that it exists.  However, I expect people will want to associate a license to a registered Tableau Server user so using one or more of the following fields will be necessary:


      system_users table:


      Here's how I would do it, using a LEFT join if I wanted to keep all of my desktop_reporting info:

      This is because not all people have rights to publish to the Server (not a registered User)   We use Active Directory so computer_user_id works.  If it's possible that your organization could have duplicate IDs then email fields would be a way to JOIN the tables.