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    Server - Post Notification When Data is Not Up to Date

    Susan Verrochi

      Hello Tableau Community,

      (This is my first time posting, so sorry if this thread already exists here somewhere.)

      Here is my question:

      Almost all the dashboards present in my Tableau Server environment are based on data that resides in a single SQL data warehouse.  That warehouse is built every night.  Sometimes, it doesn't finish building until 8:30 am.  We are trying to speed that up, but meanwhile, I have members of my executive team who are early birds and they go in to look at their dashboards at 7:30 am.  Stale Data = BAD DATA = Unreliable Dashboards.  Is there a way to make Tableau Server either unavailable until the warehouse build finishes, or to at least scroll a banner message somewhere explaining that the data is not up to date yet?  I'm betting someone else has faced this same scenario.  Really appreciate your help!