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    Percent of repeat orders in three months of first order

    L L

      I am trying to find the early renewal of customer, which is defined by if a customer orders within three months of their first order.


      I have got the customers in monthly cohorts which are defined by the month of first purchase.

      { FIXED [Customer Name] : MIN([Order Date])}

      Then COUNTD([Customer Name]) gets the number of customers in that cohort.

      I can get repeat purchases by this:

      IIF([Order Date]>[Min Orderdate],[Order Date],NULL)


      So what I need to do is find distinct customers that repeat ordered within 3 months of there first order in a calculated field.I only want to count them once even if they order more then once in that 3 month period.


      Once I have that number need to divide total customers in that cohort by the number that made a repeat purchase in that three month time period times 100 and this will give me the early renewal of that cohort. I am having trouble with the repeat purchase within three months, can anyone help me on this, I have enclosed a superstore sample to work on.