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    View the underlying data in a report

    Sivasankar Muthusamy


      I have built a dashboard on tableau with filter on year hierarchy. This  hierarchy comes from the  SSAS cube, when I  choose two values in the hierarchy to filter my data, it does not works and it’s not shows the underlying data tab, it shows only the summary .  I have the year hierarchy set with Year, Quarter, Month. If I choose Year 2016 at the parent node and then select November 2016 in child node, it does not show the underlying data in the report.  The same works if I choose November 2016 in my hierarchy..


      No underlying data shows with the below selection –




      Underlying data shows when change my filter


      Environment – Tableau 9.2, SSAS 2012, SQL Server 2012


      Just wonder if anyone know what causing the issue  and the possible workaround for this ?

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          Hi there,


          I am not 100% sure what causes this, but the following workaround may help:


          Instead of using the cube hierarchy as a quick filter, the attributes can be used to filter instead.

          An attribute will have an icon like this:

          Where a hierarchy will have an icon like this:


          So instead of using the Year hierarchy, you can use a Month attribute or Month Year attribute if they exist. If you do not see attributes for the Year hierarchy, the attributes can be created in the data base for each level of the hierarchy you'd like to use as a quick filter. Using attributes as quick filters should eliminate the issue with the hierarchy quick filter and will also make the filter(s) more user friendly.


          Hope this helps!


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            Sivasankar Muthusamy

            Hi Hannah,


            Thanks very much for the reply. I do not have the attribute created for Month or year and would consider creating one for Month and year as suggested.