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    Cross Tab view

    Santhosha BG

      Hi Friends,


      - My Table capacity 20 Col and 22,00,000 Rows


      I have to create a table view (cross Tab, Table View) with


      104 Col, 13000 rows,and 5 filters


      i created it, To load the dashboard in Tab server its taking 9 mins. Any help to imrove??

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          Tom W

          Hi Santhosha,

          It looks like you posted this in the 'Community Canvas' which isn't really the right spot for questions of this nature. I've moved it back into the 'Formus' where it is better suited.


          Regarding your problem - are you really displaying 104 columns of data in a crosstab like report? If so, I really can't think of anyway to speed this up.

          I'd suggest this as a starting point - 6 tips to make your dashboards more performant | Tableau Software

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            Jonathan Drummey

            1. The crosstab you are building has 1.35 million cells (104 columns * 13,000 rows). Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand their data, and a crosstab with 1.35 million cells is not a visualization that will help a human being understand their data, so it’s no wonder that Tableau has not optimized display of 1.35 million values in that format. I strongly suggest you spend some time trying to find out what the interactors are trying to do with that data and build visualizations that more directly answer the questions that they have and support them in their daily work.


            2. Sometimes our clients absolutely demand a certain type of view no matter how much we try to direct them to more effective representations of their data. If you’re really stuck then download, read, and follow the instructions in the Designing Efficient Workbooks white paper. Designing Efficient Workbooks | Tableau Software <http://www.tableau.com/learn/whitepapers/designing-efficient-workbooks>. It’s got a ton of fantastic guidance (including talking about point #1).


            3. If #1 and #2 don’t work, then Tableau may not be the right tool for the job and in that case using a SQL dump or some traditional reporting tool might be better.