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    Calculated Field from two Tableau Sheets (not two data sources)?

    Kimber McDevitt

      Hi, I'm not sure how to ask this question so I'm having a hard time finding an answer through various searches. 


      I have two tableau sheets.  Lets call one Profit and the other Expenses.  Each sheet has a list of Departments (the exact same list) and a single number for the Profit or Expenses.  I would like to create a third sheet or a calculated field that basically gives me the Net.  Is this possible in Tableau?  Some threads I read lead me to believe it's not possible but this is a pretty basic thing to do so I'm feeling like I'm just not searching for the right thing.  BTW, I'm using this profit/expense example because it's something that is easily understood.  My real life situation is similar in that it is a count of an item at a starting point LESS a count of an item at the end point for each department and these numbers are calculated using a CNTD of a uniqueID. 


      Sheet 1: Profit

      North   $100

      South  $200

      East    $300

      West  $400


      Sheet 2: Expenses

      North $50

      South $75

      East $150

      West $25


      Can I create Sheet 3 to calculate the difference between the two sheets?

      Sheet 3: Net

      North: $50

      South: $125

      East: $150

      West: $375


      Thanks for leading me onto a path if possible!