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    How to display the maximum sales category name by grouping the values within another category

    Naga Vemprala

      I have the data something like below:

      Input Year    Region  Sales   Team Name

      2014    East    30  Team1

      2014    East    26  Team2

      2014    East    28  Team1

      2014    West    40  Team1

      2014    West    34  Team2

      2014    North   56  Team1

      2014    North   50  Team2

      2014    South   24  Team1

      2014    South   32  Team2

      2014    South   19  Team3

      2015    East    35  Team1

      2015    East    42  Team2

      2015    East    54  Team3

      2015    West    41  Team1

      2015    West    43  Team2

      2015    West    40  Team3

      2015    North   38  Team1

      2015    North   32  Team2

      2015    North   41  Team3

      2015    South   28  Team1

      2015    South   29  Team2


      I am trying to achieve the output as below:

        2014 2015

      East            North       South       West East            North       South       West

      Team 1       Team1      Team2      Team1 Team 3       Team2      Team2      Team2


      For each region category with-in the year, I have to display the name of the team that made maximum sales. I am able to display the maximum sales quantity on a tabular format by giving condition MAX(SALES) but I am not able to display the team name. When I am including the team name in the columns or in the TEXT field, I am getting all other rows for that year as well.


      Attached the tableau sheet here for reference.  I am using a older version of Tableau. If you provide me the solution in wording will be of great help.