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    Actions at Multi Level

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,


      I have graphical view like below. And i have to apply two level of drill downs like Customer level and order level.


      Actions should work like below.


      if i click on central 2014 bar, i should go to customer Tab(Dashboard) , which will have Order Count values.


      from there if i click one particular member, i should navigate to Order Tab which will have order details.


      3 Views should be there in Different Tabs (Dashboards) and actions should apply at two levels.


      I tried by creating two filter actions. But, Order view is displaying all order IDs of the Customer after drilling down from Customer. But i should get the order ids with in the year and Region(2014, Central which we selected in the first tab)



      Can any one help me on this??/ PFA for your reference.