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    Changing variable in Calculated field per week

    Kate Mahler

      I am trying to automate a file that I produce every week. I need to create a calculated field that every week changes the value of 'this week' and 'last week'. My data includes a 'Window' column with values T-8, T-7, T-6...etc until T-1. So while T-7 is 'this week' now, it will be 'last week' next week. How do I create a calculated field that will automatically change that every week? Would it be through creating a parameter? I want to make it so that no one will need to go through the calculations and manually change T-5 etc in the windows.


      IF [Window]="T-5" THEN [1317F] END


      IF [Window]="T-6" THEN [1317F] END


      Thanks so much in advance for any help!