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    Annotation and Color Legend

    Yingying Zeng

      1.I put the annotation ( The positions Trend in the industry)on the worksheet. However, when I change the year. The annotation disappears. Any advice?

      2.In the meantime, I used the dual axis to put the internal   information(Placement and Open Rep ) by lines and the industry information by the area chart. The internal data is described by the color legend. Can I show the area chart color legend so that people knows it is a industry data?

      3. I felt the chart is a little bit boring. Any advice to make it more impressive is highly appreciated.



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          Mark Bradbourne

          Annotations are anchored to the area chosen, whether is the mark, point or area. So if the data is filtered out, the annotation goes with it.


          For the legend, I've found success using the worksheet caption to put extra information in about the viz, give that try


          As far as giving it some "pop". Work with the color pallet, removes some of the guide lines and just play with it in general. When I'm feeling stuck, I go browse through tableau public to see others and find inspiration.


          Good Luck!


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            Charlotte Shearsby



            Annotations work on a specific data point so when you change your filters that data point won't be there any more. I would suggest adding a caption (go to worksheet and "show caption"); it will already have something written in there but you can over write it. Another option would be to bring in a text object.


            I don't have an answer for you legend problem as when I've done charts similar to this the legend has always worked. I will have a play and see if I can replicate your problem, or someone might come back before me with the answer.


            In terms of making your chart more impressive, I would advise not going overboard so that the style distracts from the what the data needs to tell you. Personally most of my ideas and inspiration come from either playing around with my data in Tableau and looking at other peoples viz's. I would recommend having a look around Tableau Public (Gallery | Tableau Public ) to get some inspiration.


            Hope some of what I've said has been helpful.


            Kind regards, Charlotte.

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              Yingying Zeng

              Thanks Mark for the reply.  It is very helpful.

              Can the captions be floated on the dashboard?

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                Andrew Watson

                Based on your screenshot you could make use of the Title to show the information. Small font right aligned may give you what you want.

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                  Mark Bradbourne

                  Captions are anchored to the bottom of the worksheet, you can't float them. You could float a simple text box if the text is static.

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