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    "cross" filtered data

    sagiv malki



      I have few customers' groups - business, premium and private, and a list of code transactions (e.g., 101,103,206,209 etc..)


      I'm trying to display the amount of transaction for each group in one sheet.

      The problem is that I each customer group has it's relevant transactions. For example, transactions codes to premium customers are 101 and 103, and for private customers 101 and 206. 


      So I want that total transactions for all groups and sub-totals (for example, when I'm choosing to display only premium customers using filter) will take into account only the relevant transactions.


      How can I do it?


      Your help will be appreciated.

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          David Li

          Hi Sagiv, you should be able to do this using a parameter. You probably won't be able to do everything you described using just normal filters, since the transaction codes appear to overlap between the categories you've specified.


          1. Create a string parameter that gives you options from a list. That list should consist of the customer groups. Let's call this parameter [Customer Group].
          2. Create a calculated field that you'll use as a filter. It'll probably look something like this:

            CASE [Customer Group]

                 WHEN "Premium" THEN [Code] = 101 OR [Code] = 103

                 WHEN "Private" THEN [Code] = 101 OR [Code] = 206

            ... (Add your other groups here)


          3. Add this as a filter and include TRUE.
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            sagiv malki


            First of all I'd like to thank you for your answer.

            The problem is it tells me that I can't use boolean type in case expression.


            any suggestions?

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              David Li

              Ah, I totally forgot about that, sorry. You can change this to a standard Boolean statement:

              ([Customer Group] = "Premium" AND ([Code] = 101 OR [Code] = 103))


              ([Customer Group] = "Private" AND ([Code] = 101 OR [Code] = 206))


              ... (etc etc)